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Maximizing Safety – The Advantages of Concealed Carry Clothing for Women



The right clothing can make all the difference for those who carry on their person. Whether carrying IWB, OWB, or in a crossbody, finding the right clothes for your specific needs is important. Natural fabrics tend to work best as they are less likely to cling to or settle into the hard lines of a firearm. Also, prints and patterns can be helpful to distract the eye.


The best concealed carry clothing for ladies will be comfortable while wearing it. This includes the pants you wear and the fabric type and style. Mid-rise pants typically sit between your hips and navel, making them one of the most comfortable for concealing your firearm. This rise also pairs well with many shirt styles. On the other hand, low-rise pants can be less comfortable when you’re carrying because they sit lower on your body. 

This can make it difficult to draw your firearm when sitting, bending, or walking. Regarding the fabric type, natural fabrics (like cotton, linen, and silk) are often the most comfortable for concealed carrying. They have more structure than blends or synthetics, so they won’t easily settle into the hard lines of your firearm and holster. This is especially true if you use an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster.


With violent crimes on the rise, it is no wonder people are seeking ways to protect themselves. Concealed carry is both effective and convenient. The right clothing and holster combination allows women to dress comfortably while carrying firearms. This is especially important when the weather gets colder, as more layers and thick fabrics are required to conceal a weapon effectively. 

For example, a thigh holster is great for wearing skirts and dresses and can be easily hidden with a knee-high or garter holster. Plenty of concealed-carry clothing options will work with casual clothing and office attire, including tucked-in shirts, peplum shirts, and rompers. Choosing your preferred concealed-carry position and practicing with it will help develop muscle memory and increase speed on the draw. It is also important to consider the times and settings you will be carrying, as different positions are more or less appropriate for certain situations.


Choosing clothing that conceals your firearm is essential. The best dress for concealed carry hides it, allowing you to retrieve your weapon easily in self-defense. This requires careful thought and consideration of your daily routine and the types of clothes you wear throughout your day. One popular concealment method is inside-the-waistband (IWB) holstering. This technique requires a quality gun belt, but it offers excellent concealment and allows you to carry your firearm in various positions on the beltline for easy access. Other methods include tucking your handgun into a pocket or taking it in a purse. 

However, these options could be better in self-defense, requiring more time to access your weapon. Thankfully, fashion designers are getting on board and introducing more garments that allow women to conceal their firearms without compromise. These include concealment shorts, tank tops, t-shirts with holster pockets built into them, and concealment leggings and skirts.


Women have many options when it comes to concealed carry clothing, but the type of clothing that works best depends on the preferred method of concealed carry. For example, appendix carry is a popular method because it allows the gun to be easily accessible and relatively discreet. However, the position can also be uncomfortable or cause chafing for some people and may require extra layers to keep from printing. For those who prefer to carry in a purse or other bag, there are plenty of options for that as well. 

However, it is important to remember that drawing a weapon from a bag is much slower than doing so from the waistband. In addition, the bag can make the gun more accessible to unauthorized users like children or purse snatchers. Another option is a cover garment, which is an additional layer of clothing that can be worn over a normal shirt. Cover garments include jackets, vests, flannels, and windbreakers that can hide a firearm while comfortable.


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